Press Release: Jim Spurlino Responds to North Korea Nuclear Detonation

January 6, 2016

Businessman and congressional candidate Jim Spurlino responds to the grave national security threat posed by North Korea’s announcement of a bomb detonation late yesterday.

“Professional politicians have been too busy trying to advance their own careers to do anything about a madman with a nuclear weapon,” Spurlino said. “This is a real threat to the US and our allies. Working to further isolate North Korea through a legally codified ban of all commercial engagement has to be a top priority for Congress and the President.”

“While many in Congress worry about global warming that might change the temperature by a few degrees over centuries, a nuclear missile launched from North Korea could change the world’s temperature dramatically in a matter of seconds,” Spurlino said.

“We’ve got to take this threat more seriously.”


Jim Spurlino is the only major Republican candidate who is neither a government employee nor a professional politician. He built a business from the bottom up that now employees over 100 people, headquartered in Middletown. Spurlino volunteers much time and resources to early childhood intervention. He believes in the power of the private sector to reduce the need for costly government expenditures. Spurlino’s success as a businessman and community leader make him the best candidate to fill the open congressional seat for Ohio’s eighth district.