Press Release: Jim Spurlino Calls on the President and CNN to Host ISIS Town Hall

January 11, 2016

Businessman and congressional candidate Jim Spurlino is calling on President Obama and CNN to host a town hall on ISIS in the wake of the terrorist shooting of a Philadelphia police officer this past Friday, just the most recent ISIS attack on the U.S. and its allies.

“While President Obama and CNN teamed up for what was essentially an infomercial attacking the rights of law abiding gun owners like my wife and me, a terrorist in Philadelphia was plotting to kill a police officer,” Spurlino said. “I call on the president and CNN to show they understand that guns aren’t the problem – terrorists and evildoers are. Let’s have a town hall about that.”

“I’m willing to be there to present the average American’s view on this dangerous threat to our safety,” Spurlino said. “The attempted assassination of a police officer less than a month after the San Bernardino attack underscores the severity of terrorism in our homeland. To address the radical Islamic terrorists, American must lead again. I’ve offered a series of common sense solutions that would help keep us safer instead of outrageously wasting time vilifying millions of law-abiding Americans.”



Jim Spurlino is the only major Republican candidate who is neither a government employee nor a professional politician. He built a business from the bottom up that now employees over 100 people, headquartered in Middletown. Spurlino volunteers much time and resources to early childhood intervention. He believes in the power of the private sector to reduce the need for costly government expenditures. Spurlino’s success as a businessman and community leader make him the best candidate to fill the open congressional seat for Ohio’s eighth district.