Press Release: Conservative Republican Jim Spurlino Calls Out Hypocrites in Congress

January 20, 2016
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Conservative Republican Jim Spurlino Calls Out Hypocrites in Congress

Yesterday, a number of Republican U.S. Senators voted to confirm Wilhelmina Marie Wright, a far left jurist who attacked conservative icons such as President Ronald Reagan and former Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

Mr. Spurlino’s on the record comment:

“I was outraged to read that some Republican U.S. Senators joined with liberal Democrats to confirm a radical leftist to a life appointment on the federal bench. These professional politicians consistently say one thing—in this case, praising the policies of President Reagan—and then do another by siding with a vehement opponent of the Reagan legacy. Barack Obama must be pleased to score another liberal victory that will last years and affect many decisions, all courtesy of professional politicians that have trouble remaining true to their values. That’s why we, as Republicans, must elect an outsider with a record of private sector results on March 15.”


Butler County businessman Jim Spurlino is the only major Republican candidate who’s never been a government officeholder or a professional politician. He built a business from the bottom up that now employees more than 100 people, headquartered in Middletown. Spurlino volunteers much time and resources to early childhood intervention. He believes in the power of the private sector to reduce the need for costly government expenditures. Spurlino’s success as a businessman and community leader makes him the best candidate to fill the open congressional seat for Ohio’s eighth district.