Press Release: Conservative Republican Jim Spurlino Calls Out Hypocrites in Congress

Yesterday, a number of Republican U.S. Senators voted to confirm Wilhelmina Marie Wright, a far left jurist who attacked conservative icons such as President Ronald Reagan and former Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

Mr. Spurlino’s on the record comment:

“I was outraged to read that some Republican U.S. Senators joined with liberal Democrats to confirm a radical leftist to a life appointment on the federal bench. These professional politicians consistently say one thing—in this case, praising the policies of President Reagan—and then do another by siding with a vehement opponent of the Reagan legacy. Barack Obama must be pleased to score another liberal victory that will last years and affect many decisions, all courtesy of professional politicians that have trouble remaining true to their values. That’s why we, as Republicans, must elect an outsider with a record of private sector results on March 15.” Read More…

Press Release: Sheriff Rick Jones, Conservative Republican Jim Spurlino Discuss Illegal Immigration

Yesterday, Butler County businessman and congressional candidate Jim Spurlino met with Sheriff Rick Jones to discuss illegal immigration and other issues.

Mr. Spurlino’s on the record comment:

“I was pleased to meet with one of the nation’s leading voices on illegal immigration, our local Sheriff Rick Jones. Recently, I pointed out that when illegal aliens come into contact with government, they should be arrested and deported.” Read more…

Press Release: Jim Spurlino Responds to the President’s Final State of the Union Address

As President Barack Obama delivers his final State of the Union address, congressional candidate Jim Spurlino responds to his legacy in office.

“While Americans produce goods and services, professional politicians like Barack Obama produce speeches. Tonight, Mr. Obama showed once again that he’s well out of step with the people of Southwestern and Western Ohio. Nearly every accomplishment he claimed was either an overstatement or taking credit for things that other people have done.”

“During this speech, at least five congressional Democrats invited illegal immigrants to sit inside the House of Representatives chamber to hear the speech,” Spurlino said. “That’s a disgrace. One of the police officers present should have arrested them and sent them back their native countries. But in Barack Obama’s America, lawbreakers get a first class seat to a national event while law-abiding citizens get fewer jobs, higher health care costs, and increased taxes. I’m not a professional politician, and I’m running for Congress to change all that.” Read More…

Press Release: Jim Spurlino Calls on the President and CNN to Host ISIS Town Hall

Businessman and congressional candidate Jim Spurlino is calling on President Obama and CNN to host a town hall on ISIS in the wake of the terrorist shooting of a Philadelphia police officer this past Friday, just the most recent ISIS attack on the U.S. and its allies.

“While President Obama and CNN teamed up for what was essentially an infomercial attacking the rights of law abiding gun owners like my wife and me, a terrorist in Philadelphia was plotting to kill a police officer,” Spurlino said. “I call on the president and CNN to show they understand that guns aren’t the problem – terrorists and evildoers are. Let’s have a town hall about that.” Read More…